FPEmpresa VET Schools Association is a non-profit association that brings together public, semi-private and private VET centres from all over Spain.

We have been working since 2012 with the aim of promoting and strengthening VET, by means of exchanging good practices and experiences among the associated centres.

The Association is the meeting point for all those VET centres that want to boost their relations with the corporate world and contribute to the creation of a solid network of centres capable of sharing experiences and projects; projects aimed at guaranteeing the development and consolidation of VET system in Spain.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Education and Training awarded FPEmpresa with the Honours Plaque of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise for fostering VET through collaboration among centres, exchange of experiences and good practices.



Our goal is to promote Vocational Education and Training in our education system and strengthen relations between centres and their surrounding companies. This commitment between schools and companies allows to improve the academic offer for VET students and increase their possibilities to enter the labour market.



Our commitment is to generate a stronger public presence of VET schools in our society. FPEmpresa works towards becoming a referential figure among schools, institutions, social organisations and companies, with the aim of making VET a real academic alternative with excellent future prospects.



Collaboration: strengthen alliances among different social, educational and financial agents that participate in the field of VET.

Quality: excellence is our guidance.

Transparency: responsible and transparent management.

Diversity: promote diversity and inclusion.

Innovation: work with the latest technologies.

Passion: commitment to projects and people.

Future: guide our actions towards a path full of possibilities.

Board Members

Luis García Domínguez


IES Puerta Bonita

José Luis Durán Moyano

Vicepresident Barcelona

Institut Escola del Treball

Tomás Alonso Pérez

Vicepresident Treasurer Madrid

IES Fco. Tomás y Valiente

Sergio San Martín Pinedo


Centro Somorrostro Muskiz

María José Fernández Campos

Coordinator Asturias

CIFP Hostelería y Turismo Gijón

Zigor Esnaola Barrutia

Coordinator País Vasco, Navarra y La Rioja

IMH Elgoibar

Juan José González

Coordinator Castilla – La Mancha

CIPF Aguas Nuevas

María Ángeles Bernal Rodríguez

Coordinator Castilla y León

CIFP de Ávila

Gregorio Hernández Pérez

Coordinator Islas Canarias

CIFP La Indias
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Juan Antonio Aguilar

Coordinator Andalucía, Ceuta y Melilla

IES Miguel Romero Esteo

Juan Antonio Borrego Sánchez

Coordinator Extremadura

IES Extremadura

Mariano Monzó del Olmo

Coordinator Valencia

CIPFP Mislata

Manuel Hermo Piñeiro

Coordinator Galicia

CIFP Carlos Oroza

Antonio García Martínez

Coordinator Murcia

CIFP Hostelería y Turismo Cartagena

Olga Castillo Corsa

Coordinator Cataluña

Institut Escola del Treball de Lleida

Sergio Silva Fernández

Coordinator Cantabria

CIFP La Granja de Heras