The Salesian School “Nuestra Señora del Pilar” in Zaragoza organises the 35th edition of the Don Bosco National Award, which is aimed at the promotion of creativity, research and innovation among young people. In addition, it emphasises on individual development and students’ access to the labour market.

By carrying out these projects, a series of crucial skills and aptitudes are reinforced, such as: collaboration, perseverance, commitment, autonomy, and effort. On the other hand, through these innovative and research projects, this Award’s intention is to encourage the active participation of the entire educational community and companies, in order to give collaborative work and entrepreneurial spirit a leading role.

In this 35th edition, innovation and research of young students who see their projects as potential forms of entrepreneurship in the given categories prevail. Within the Research Area: Science category (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc.) and Health Science and Social and Legal Science category (Medicine, Psychology, Humanities, etc.); within the Technological Innovation Area: Information and Communication Technologies category (Telecommunications, Audiovisual Technologies, ICT, etc.) and Industrial Technologies category (Electronics, Robotics, Mechatronics, etc.).

The Don Bosco National Award is financed entirely by private capital and it is thanks to the participation of sponsors and collaborators that the initiative is consolidated year after year.

Students of Vocational Education and Training (Basic VET, Intermediate VET and Advanced VET) and Bachillerato may participate. In order to participate, they will have to submit their projects via the online application form before November 30, 2021.

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