The Association of Vocational Training Centres FPEmpresa and Esprinet Group announce the III edition of the VET Knowledge Transfer Awards, which aims to highlight female talent in those vocational training professional families where the female presence is testimonial. This call is aimed at any public, subsidised or private educational centre that is associated with FPEmpresa.

The call, which has brought together more than 750 participants in total in the 2022 and 2023 editions, returns to promote female talent in vocational training cycles in which there is a low representation of women. VET students will be able to develop key skills and abilities to become competitive professionals.

To date, more than 90 projects have participated in the VET Transfer Awards with innovative ideas related to the 2030 Agenda. All proposals have shown their commitment to moving towards societies with inclusive economic growth, greater cohesion and social justice, peace and a sustainable environmental horizon.

From 15th of March to 10th of April in 2024, each team will devise a technological solution that contributes to achieving at least one of the SDGs and also promotes gender equality, which corresponds to SDG 5.

Likewise, this year’s edition will place a positive value on the participating teams’ ability to make their proposals as visible as possible using social networks. The aim is to make the ideas contributed by the teams known to as many people as possible and to highlight the presence of women in the participating training cycles.

To this end, the VET Knowledge Transfer Awards will promote the commitment of FPEmpresa’s partner centres to the challenges established by the United Nations (UN).

Finally, the three winners of the challenge will be awarded with a financial prize of 5.500, 4.000 and 2.500 euros, respectively. The winning teams will be announced on 31st of May in 2024.


Since its constitution in 2012, FPEmpresa is a non-profit association that brings together public, private and subsidised Vocational Training Centres from all over Spain. In the same line, it contributes to create a network of centres able to share experiences, projects that want to develop and enhance the Vocational Training System of this country.

FPEmpresa aims to give prominence to Vocational Training in the education system and to strengthen relations between the centres and their environment. The commitment between Vocational Training Centres and companies makes it possible to improve the educational offer for vocational training students and the pathways to integration into the labour market.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training awarded the Plaque of Honour of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise to the Association for promoting VET through collaboration between centres, the exchange of experiences and good practices.


Esprinet is an enabler of the technological ecosystem that, with a strong vocation for environmental and social sustainability, promotes technological democracy. With a complete offer of consulting, IT security, services and products for sale or rent through a wide network of professional distributors, Esprinet is the leading group in Southern Europe (Italy, Spain and Portugal), ranks fourth in Europe and is among the top ten worldwide.

With more than 1800 employees and a turnover of 4.7 billion in 2022, Esprinet (PRT:IM – ISIN IT0003850929) is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

#Innovaprofes virtual meeting, organized by CaixaBank Dualiza and FPEmpresa VET Schools Association beside FPInnovación, turned the last 19th of February into a great point of virtual meeting for the Vocational Education and Training. In a virtual way, hundreds of participants could traverse a divide space in different scenes where plays 26 presentations, where shows undertaking classrooms of VET schools and where the attendees worked the contact network, too.

The event that was developed through virtual reality platform application Virtway has transformed in the biggest VET virtual meeting, considering that it has been the second edition that has success. The day was open by the three participant entities with the treasurer vicepresident of FPEmpresa, Tomás Alonso. In that way, the most part of governing board was in #Innovaprofes through different presentations. Also, Luis García, president of the Association, dealt with new dual vocational trainings in his statement.

García explains that “this meeting has been a good opportunity to see us through a virtual environment favorable to learn about the speakers, as to be in contact in a nice way”. Apart, he underlined that “we must congratulate to the #Innovaprofes team, because they did an excellent job with this initiative. Furthermore, we need to have in mind the efforts that require a virtual encounter with so good results”.

The space that was organized by five rooms divide in different themes about educative innovation gathered almost 400 participants who could choose between various explanations from 30 different presenters. In addition, FPEmpresa had a stand in the reception zone where all the presents had detailed information about the objectives and activities of the Association.

By other hand, this event has reached a big impact in other virtual world like the social networks, because the teachers had a big response with the hashtag #Innovaprofes.

The IES Francisco Tomás y Valiente, an associated centre of FPEmpresa VET Schools Association, in collaboration with Orange Foundation, has developed a programme called GarageLab, a space envisioned as a workshop for digital innovation in which students can collaborate and develop their skills by learning how to use modern machines, discovering how to design 3D objects or using specific design software.

The project’s coordinator, Federico Salcines, stresses that one of the objectives of this program is to reduce the dropout rate among Basic Vocational Training students, via increasing their motivation and improving their skills, academic results and employability.

The participating students have been involved in the following projects within this programme: the creation of mechanical adapters for students with reduced mobility of the Princess Sofía Special Education public school, the collaboration with the students of the Hairdressing VET cycle of the IES Batán in Mieres (Asturias), or the creation of a business project.

According to the school principal of the IES Francisco Tomás y Valiente and vice-president-treasurer of FPEmpresa, Tomás Alonso: “this project represents an added boost to our innovation strategy and also a necessary support for these educational levels”. He adds that “it is also a commitment to improving the spaces, something that has indirectly caused a methodological change, as well as an integration of the different groups at these levels, since both first- and second-year Basic VET students can work together”. “We have observed a recovery of self-esteem among students and a notable reduction in absenteeism,” he concludes.

The project presentation was attended by the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida and the CEO of Orange Spain, Jean François Fallacher, among other institutional figures.

For further information, have a look at the following video.