The European project PRALINE (Promoting Adult Learning in Networks), developed in the EUproVET network. FPEmpresa VET Schools Association is member of this project with eleven European educational entities that will have a presencial meeting the next march 2022. After the event in Valencia the last October 2021, the members established the days 19th and 20th of January 2022 as the date to realize the next meeting in Lisboa. However, the project require continuous adjustments due to Covid-19 restrictions. Even so, the partners keep working to move proposals to European politician and national governments of each organization. That’s why the associates of PRALINE continue the project through online sessions. One of those was the last 20th of January. The objective of the last one was strengthen the European relations between countries and share the educational aspects behind the borders of each European nation.

PRALINE is a project approved by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency presented under Key action 3: Support to policy development and cooperation. In this way, the initiative starts his journey the last month of January 2021 with the objective of strengthen the transnational networks of adult education through good practices summary.

After a few months of visual contact, in October of 2021 PRALINE realized his first presencial activity and the second PLA (Peer Learning Activity) of the European project. This was in Valencia and was organized by FPEmpresa, a success for the organization. The goal was realize the next reunion in January 2022. But, on account of Ómicron, variant of Covid-19, the meeting has been delayed. In order to keep working, the associates have been reunited as online way to explain the key points of the plan, all of them talk about promote the learning of adult people and to send the proposals to the politician figures.

If conditions allow it, the next conference will be 15th and 16th of March 2022. Like this, the members decided the date on the online meeting where all the associates were connected. Apart, they talked about the coronavirus situation in the participant countries.

20 January – Online session of PRALINE

However, PRALINE work doesn’t stop and conducts a new online session where continues gathering information about bad and good practices to transfer to the politician figures of each country. With the proposal of get this aim, all the members tell how is the educational system inside their borders.

Furthermore, the associates of PRALINE share a questionnaire between the members that serves as summary to know each organization. Apart, this function to know how are the practices developed in each country. As result, the plan promote make a network of knowledge between organizations. In particular, the objective is to pick up information about European VET and prepare statistics, comparisons and establish values and good practices of each country. As well, PRALINE works in creating a newsletter and a podcast to share strengths and mistakes of educational system.

If conditions permit, the next 15th and 16th of March FPEmpresa will be in Lisbon for a special meeting with the members of PRALINE. In Portugal, the project will research how is his VET and, if it’s possible, will know some centers where this take place. Also, this reunion will be an opportunity so that associates can gather together, share new practices and make progress in the compilation of data to recommend to the politician figures. In short, the European project PRALINE continue working to propel and consolidate the international network of adult education.

Access to PRALINE’s web for more information