FPEmpresa VET Schools Association held its 2021 General Assembly on the last 17th of June. The Assembly, which, due to the current situation, took place in a virtual environment for the second consecutive year, was attended by almost a hundred of representatives of associated centres.

At the beginning of the session, the president of FPEmpresa, Luis García, welcomed all the centres and thanked them for their attendance and their commitment to continue working to improve Vocational Education and Training in Spain. Next, the vice president, José Luis Durán, explained the 2020-2021 activities report and detailed the different milestones and achievements that had been achieved since the last Assembly. For his part, the vice-president-treasurer, Tomás Alonso, detailed FPEmpresa’s treasury issues and financial situation. Finally, before voting, the president assessed the objectives that should be met in the near future in order to ensure sustained and sustainable growth of the Association.

All the documents prepared for the GA were put to vote. To carry out this procedure, an electronic voting system – like the last GA – was used, which is fully valid as certified by identity verification methods.

To end the 2021 General Assembly, the president presented and shared with the attendees the preliminary thoughts of FPEmpresa with regard to the preliminary draft of the Organic Law of Organization and Integration of Vocational Education and Training, which was analysed in first reading by the Spanish Council of Ministers on the 15th of June.