The Association of Vocational Training Centres FPEmpresa has attended on 26th and 27th June the event ‘High Level European Alliance for Apprenticeship’ in Brussels (Belgium) organised by the European Alliance for Apprenticeship Training (EAfA), a body that belongs to the European Commission and of which FPEmpresa is a member.

FPEmpresa was represented by Carlos de Olagüe, the Member Coordinator for Madrid and International, who also represents EfVET in Spain. This meeting, which could also be followed online, aimed to bring together all EAfA members to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Alliance, which was launched in 2013 and currently unites 39 countries across Europe.

“These types of events are not only interesting, but also help us to learn and improve every day. Undoubtedly, all the issues that have been addressed in this meeting are essential to continue promoting VET beyond our borders”, said Carlos de Olagüe.

Likewise, this meeting has promoted and strengthened apprenticeships as a key to provide skills linked to the needs of companies, as well as providing employment-oriented skills for young people and adults.

Apprenticeships as a means to ensure skilled employees

The agenda of the event covered topics such as: the quality and effectiveness of VET in Europe, the importance of apprenticeships for skilled employees, apprentices as agents for a sustainable future, among other issues.

Finally, EAfA members have promoted an additional meeting called ‘Get Together’ in the afternoon of 27 June. The aim of this event was to give Alliance partners the opportunity to network, explore opportunities for cooperation and share best practices with each other.

FPEmpresa, member of the EAfA since 2021

The EAfA was created with the aim of strengthening the quality, supply and image of apprenticeship training in Europe, and to encourage mobility of apprentices. The achievement of these two objectives is therefore promoted through national and voluntary commitments.

To improve the quality of apprenticeships in VET, FPEmpresa becomes one of the members of EAfA in 2021. Since then, the Association has actively participated in its events, such as The voice of apprentices in the European Year of Youth 2022, held in Barcelona, and now with the 10th anniversary of the EAfA.